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From Liberty, south on US 127 to Hwy 910/501, turn left. At the stop sign, head straight on 501 approx. 3 miles to Chestnut Level (just past Davenports Grocery) turn right. Bear right on Halon Young Rd. go about 1.5 miles. Christ the King will be on the right.


Holy Eucharist Sunday 10:30 AM
Early morning Mass Wednesday 7 AM
Evening Prayer Thursday 7 PM
Mid-day Mass Friday 12:15 PM

Youth Night Every other Friday Evening 7:30 PM -- 10 PM

Saturday, August 18, 2007

When the "Same old, same old" is New

Now there is a bit of irony. Since when, is the same old thing new? Is it possible that history can so fall out of use that it becomes new again? Believe it or not, this is the reality that we live in. Let's face the facts. There just is not a strong Anglican or Catholic presence in south central Kentucky. We are of course seeking to change that, but as it stands when neighbors from our community visit Christ Community, it all seems so new to them. Most people do not come to church for lessons in history, they come to worship the Lord. Sometimes they may become uneasy or distracted and miss the point of the liturgy. The liturgy is aimed, from beginning to end, at exalting and adoring God, and bringing us close to Him. I rarely get a chance to explain to visitors that our worship is actually following the pattern that has been used for almost 2000 years. Furthermore, it is the same pattern used by the vast majority of Christians world wide each Sunday! Some one might respond, "Just because most 'Christians' worship this way does not make it right." Point granted, but neither does it make it wrong. Truth or falsehood is not a matter of public opinion. Something is right because it is true, that is, not in anyway contrary to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who is the Truth. The better measure of the pattern of worship is whether or not it is true, not whether it is comfortable, or whether you have never done it that way before. If you visit Christ Community Church, or any church for that matter, take the time to listen to the words that are said, the actions preformed and on that basis, weigh its merit.

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