Directions to Christ the King

From Liberty, south on US 127 to Hwy 910/501, turn left. At the stop sign, head straight on 501 approx. 3 miles to Chestnut Level (just past Davenports Grocery) turn right. Bear right on Halon Young Rd. go about 1.5 miles. Christ the King will be on the right.


Holy Eucharist Sunday 10:30 AM
Early morning Mass Wednesday 7 AM
Evening Prayer Thursday 7 PM
Mid-day Mass Friday 12:15 PM

Youth Night Every other Friday Evening 7:30 PM -- 10 PM

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Committed to Community

It is a paradox. On the one hand, we can speak of our planet shrinking. With modern transportation, distances become insignificant. A person can be just about anywhere in the world in the space of 24 hours. Many people today commute 30 minutes or an hour each day just for work. With modern technology, a person can live almost anywhere and conduct business around the world. It is truly amazing. However on the other hand, we have become distant, remote from the people closest to us. We may say that we are connected, communicating on cell phones, in chat rooms, by email, and text messaging, but frequently do not even know our next door neighbor.

Don't misunderstand. Modern technology is beneficial in many ways. However, there is no substitute for genuine human contact, such as shaking hands, talking face to face with another person, or lending a helping hand. In a world that is increasingly remote, we need to cherish our personal and immediate relationships. When we chose a name for Christ Community, we did so with a purpose. Christ is the center, He is the purpose underlying all that we do. We also wanted to communicate our intention to be a community church, that is, a church for our community. That doesn't mean that we do not get involved in world missions efforts. We believe in and support world missions. Yet we strive to be a church that fosters, builds up, and serves the people of our neighborhood. We count it a privilege to live among such remarkable neighbors. Christ Community Church is a place where you can connect with your neighbors, and build healthy, lasting relationships, not on a screen, but face to face. Most importantly, it is a place where you can meet Jesus, or renew your relationship with him. What better time, then Advent and Christmas to renew you relationship with your Savior.

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1300 Halon Young Rd., Liberty, Kentucky
For more info contact: Fr. Bob Lemmon call or text at (606) 303-4537.